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Our Family Hotel in Andalo: child-friendly fun at Hotel Negritella

At our Family Hotel in Andalo, all children will find a lot of fun, sports, and happiness in the company of our entertainment staff and our mascot, Negrita!
Along with many new friends, you will enjoy an unforgettable holiday with our Miniclub Negrita programmes:

  • from morning until dinner, including also the optional ”Negrita lunchtime” for all children aged 3 to 11;
  • from 9:00 until 12:30 for the littlest ones, starting from 1 year old

We will do our utmost to ensure all of our services, but in full compatibility with the continuously updated Covid-19 restrictions!

EVERY THURSDAY EVENING, while Mum and Dad are enjoying their traditional, candlelit Trentino dinner, we will have fun with a PIZZA PARTY that is out of this world!!

On sunny days, we will organise tons of activities in our 3000 m2 outdoor area, in the fantastically fun “Negrita Adventure World”, where children can have fun at the King Robert Fantasy Castle, “Negrita Grand Prix” toy car track, multi-purpose sports area, and bocce pitch!
As an alternative, in our colourful MiniClub, “Negrita Baby Land” with a Soft area for the littlest ones, a ball pool, and a small library, or in our “Negrita Kinder Paradise” with table tennis, table football, billiards, playground, and a brand new interactive game for older children too!

There will be plenty of fun for older kids too in our ”Maxiclub” with tournaments and many other activities organised for them!

The large Entertainment Room where you can spend fun evenings with our friendly Entertainment Staff with dances, music, films, and games!


Upon request, you will find: cot, safety rail, travel changing table, toilet training seat, potty, bottle warmer, baby bathtub, high chair, pushchairs, walking backpacks, dedicated kitchenette, Self-Wash coin laundry.

Our Mascot



Once upon a time...

So begin many stories, as does the story that we are about to tell you… but this is not just any story; this is Our Story… the story of a family, a house, and especially a little flower that has been welcomed into the hearts of many children.

The sun was shining in Andalo on that day in late June 1951. The sky was blue, the crickets were singing, and the air smelled of summer.

A boy named Vittorio, with clear eyes and a dazzling smile, had recently arrived in Andalo and found work in one of the historic hotels in the village’s central square. He quickly fell in love with the place, with the delicate curves of the Brenta Dolomites that became red at sunrise, the green fields and lush forests of the Paganella that surrounded the town, and the fresh and delicate air that caressed his face upon awakening and accompanied him during the day.

That morning he had decided to walk up to the Paganella Peak. He started before sunrise, with a piece of cheese in his backpack and a desire for adventure.

The climb was demanding, but he was well rewarded by the beauty he found before his eyes. From up there, he could see the silent and immaculate Brenta Dolomites, the city of Trento with its streets, and Lake Garda in all its majesty.

Satisfied, he ate his snack in a large field surrounded by mountain pines, singing the famous song “Paganella, Paganella, o montagna tutta bella!” (Paganella, Paganella, oh beautiful mountain).

All of a sudden, his attention was drawn to a detail he had not noticed before. He saw a flower near him, a small orchid with a particular violet colour, which gave off a delightful fragrance of vanilla and chocolate. He soon realised that the large field was full of these flowers that permeated the air with their intense perfume.

 He fell in love with that flower, so delicate and precious that only a careful eye would notice it.

When he returned to town, he discovered that they are called Negritella and grow on the slopes of the Paganella and the Dolomites during June and July. A flower to discover and respect, its appearance can be admired, and its fragrance enjoyed, but it cannot be picked.

Years passed, and that boy became a man. He and his wife Rosina decided to start a family and open a small guest house in Andalo. When it was time to decide on the name of their House, there were no doubts: Negritella, like that small mountain flower that permeates the air with its fragrance.

Our story does not finish here, however. It has just begun. That small House grew, and the Hotel Negritella was born. The family expanded even further. Vittorio and Rosina’s passion for hospitality was passed on to their children and their grandchildren!

Among the many activities offered over the years for guests of all ages, we decided to create a mascot to be a companion to children during their holiday at Negritella, our Family Hotel in Andalo. Granddad Vittorio had no doubts. “The mascot will be a flower, a big, colourful, smiling flower. Its name will be Negrita, and it will be our senorita!”

And so children… It is time to get to know Negrita, who will greet you with a pleasant smile first thing in the morning, play with you in the garden, make biscuits with you, and after cavorting in the Baby Dance, will go back to rest on the slopes of the Paganella!

She cannot wait to meet you. Are you ready to meet her?

Andalo for Family

Even outside of the Hotel, your Family holiday in Andalo is never over!
The Negritella Family Hotel is part of the Andalo for Family group, a product club that promotes family holidays in Andalo. It was created by us, where families are always welcome.

We offer you an unforgettable holiday together with your children in the fresh air of our Dolomites, with fun, entertainment, and authenticity.

For our small guests, in summer you will find many things to do:

  • visit barns and teaching farms
  • try lots of games and hobbies in the high-altitude parks (Baby Park Dosson and BiblioIgloo)
  • discover themed paths that talk of nature and sustainability, like the Sarnacli Mountain Park
  • have fun at Andalo Life, a 130,000 m2 park full of pure amusement
  • go for rides in the woods in a carriage or on horseback
  • play with water in the brand new Acqua IN “Spray Park”
  • see wolves and bears up close in the Spormaggiore wildlife area
  •  for the more courageous, take a dip in the cool, crystalline waters of the Lago di Molveno
  • if it rains, play with lots of other children in the large Mini Club, “Baby Roccia”

In the winter, Andalo is the perfect spot for learning how to ski:

  • 50 km of wide trails on our Paganella will make everyone fall in love with this beautiful sport. 
  • Ski and snowboard classes organised for children and adults
  • 2 large Kinder Parks at high altitude where they can have fun in safety
  • High altitude activities for families, even for those who do not ski, like the Penguin Snowshoe walk
  • Games and lots of fun every afternoon in Piazza Dolomiti!

This is just a little taste of your family holiday in our Family Hotel in Andalo… We will discover the rest together!


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