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Restaurant in Andalo

At the Hotel Negritella, the holiday also includes delicious food.
Teresa and Silvia will be at your disposal. With their cooking experience and mothering skills, they will always be ready to guide you in the best choices for your children with dedicated menus. If you have diet or intolerance problems, you can enjoy delicious dishes cooked especially for you, all according to Trentino tradition and using natural ingredients.

All this is possible thanks to our trustworthy and loyal kitchen staff, Danilo and Monica - our Chefs who have been part of our family for over 20 years! By enhancing our region’s typical and traditional products and revisiting old recipes, they manage to transmit their love and passion for their work in their creations.

However, there is more to the kitchen than just food. Gianmarco will recommend the best wine from our Trentino cellar to go with an excellent dish and enhance every moment spent at the table.

The Children’s Kitchen

We have a large family, so we are well aware of children’s needs when they are away from home.

We are convinced that a holiday should be a joyful occasion for everyone while always paying particular attention to Children, especially the smallest ones. We offer a custom service with a dedicated menu and kitchenette equipped with a microwave and refrigerator that mums can access freely at any time.


  • fresh fruit

  • vegetable or meat broth bases

  • soft cheeses, fish, boiled or chopped meat, beans

  • WE DO NOT HAVE flour, baby food, and Micron pasta

Our Grand Buffet

To get the day off to a good start, a hearty and natural breakfast chock full of local produce... from jams that enhance the flavours of our natural fruit production such as small Trentino fruit, to apple juice, yoghurt with wild berries, or simply plain and enriched perhaps with the different varieties of cereals from our valleys or good mountain honey.
Enjoy our delicate pastries, a variety of typical sliced meats and cheeses, and the ever-popular Val di Non Golden apple accompanied by seasonal fresh fruit.
To make the most of the day, our restaurant, with its flexible opening hours, guarantees maximum freedom for everyone, especially families with children. We can offer a wide variety so that you can enjoy our most typical dishes and trendy cuisine with vegan and vegetarian dishes.
The use of typical regional products, the fresh mountain water, and the natural goodness of our crops allows us to ensure menus that are always healthy.
For those who wish to experience nature more intensely, we offer a healthy and energetic box lunch, or you can pick up a Meal Ticket that can be used in some local restaurants, Alpine Cottages, and refuges!

Coeliac disease and food intolerances

The kitchen is always attentive and organised to meet the needs of those who have problems with coeliac disease, food intolerances, or food allergies, or those who must follow special diets. This is possible thanks to the variety of items on our menus and the special attention paid to using selected and certified ingredients, as well as specific cooking methods.
Our fifty years of experience will be at your disposal so we can consult with you and come up with a custom menu that combines the flavours of our renowned cuisine with the necessary ingredients to make a menu as varied as possible for those suffering from any type of food intolerance.


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